House Centipede Control Review

After some frustrating attempts to apply the extinction of primitive views, available online a lot, I finally figured out how to make a house centipede once and for all get rid of the system. And it is not very complicated (but did not seem complicated, once you figure it out, right?) I came up with these solutions out of the control house centipedes is an efficient, inexpensive, safe for your family, all of which can In no more than 2-3 hours to do the best!

Check mark in the first place you understand why the house centipede! This is the key, how to get rid of them! House centipedes are carnivorous – that means they eat other insects. They are known to eat cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, termites, and.

Centipede worm, also known as old institutions, Denon, millipedes, insects days, like habitat in the damp, dark places. Simulate the natural environment than in captivity. Centipede is commonly used herbs, and warm, spicy, toxic, with Wind, analgesic, drug Sanjie attack, the interest rate through the pain, cancer and other functions. Indications hemiplegia, tetanus, bone tuberculosis, scrofula diseases, snake bites, convulsion, stroke, embolism. Modern research shows that: centipede with histamine-like substances, hemolytic protein, amino acids, formic acid, fatty oil, cholesteric ketones, and orange elements, yellow and light blue green pigment and so on. Centipede toxins on rat central nervous system of the original hemolysis with nicotine – block acetylcholine-like nature of the hemolysis, make mouse spermatogonial cell necrosis and disappeared, indicating that inhibition of tumor cells. For digestive system cancer tumors in recent years with good results. Centipede is also the “snake pills”, “Sida cream,” “casual style Pills” and other major Chinese medicine …

Centipede as traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years of traditional animal’s history. According to the “National Code, Yong Chang,” reads: caught in native species of centipede that Ridge Field, Stanford for the use of drugs, then this thing a long time, but did not hear this kind of person. Caught in the territory of Ridge Daishan in Zhejiang, is known for rich medicinal centipede, centipede as a local pharmaceutical industry to operate, and medicinal centipede of suitable habitat to be managed, to give protection to the breeding population, or added to improve the growth environment Traditional methods such as food support, and after harvest sold to drug dealers get paid, that the living can be seen in ancient China was engaged in the cultivation of medicinal centipedes.

In recent years, with the centipede detoxification system, the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry, leading to supply shortages centipede. Comprehensive domestic drug market prices, special breeding information from the national conference to understand: As long-use of fertilizers, pesticides, decreasing resources of wild centipede, prices rose year by year, from each of the last century a few cents to more than the current $ 1.50 per section, and presented in short supply situation, find it difficult to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, so that the special farmed aquaculture centipede came into being. Artificial breedingconditions require low centipede breeding cycle is short, fast growth, high yield, easy management, and family farming can also be three-dimensional scale farming.

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