The Three Big Myths About Getting Rid Of House Centipedes

Getting rid of house centipedes is difficult and there are three major myths floating around about them. But knowing the truth about these myths is key to finally ridding yourself of these scary, disgusting little guys! The three biggest myths are

Myth One

An exterminator will take care of the problem. This is not true, and exterminator can give you a temporary solution at best. Those chemicals that they are spraying are not permanent they eventually get washed away and then the centipedes come right back. In fact they can make the problem worse by eliminating the bugs that the centipedes normally compete with for food, like spiders.

Myth two

Boric Acid will get rid of your centipedes. Again this in not true. It’s a similar affect to the exterminator. And while, thankfully, boric acid isn’t nearly as toxic as the chemical the exterminator is using, it still washes away with time and loses its affect.Myth three

Killing all the ones you see will work. Unfortunately this is not true. Centipedes each lay on average about 60-120 eggs. And centipedes can complete their lifecycle from within your home. This mean that even if you kill a mature centipede, in a little while those eggs will hatch and you are back tosquare one.

So now that you know what doesn’t work, let’s go over what does work. In order to get rid of those centipedes you need to have a step by step plan to eliminate the reasons they are in your home to begin with.

House Centipede Control can be tough, but it is achievable! The hardest thing for most people is to come up with a plan of attack, since centipede control is a multi-step process, and it can be overwhelming.

But there are already plans available that will guide you through the process and ensure they won’t come back! Get yourself a house centipede control plan, and rid your house of these little monsters for good.

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