Kill Bed Bugs

Here are 5 facts about bed bugs you may have been happier if I hadn’t shared :

Female bed bugs lay up to five eggs a day. Your tiny bed bug problem can and will spiral into an out of control, all-out, beg bug infestation in just a matter of days.

Bed bug bites cause secondary infections and can lead to intense allergic reactions. You may have been bitten and not noticed (yet,) but as your skin desensitizes to bed bug saliva due to multiple exposures, you could break out in red itchy rashes.

Whenever and wherever you sleep, these things are crawling all over your skin! Bed bugs are nocturnal … only because YOU sleep at night. If you become a daysleeper, they will become active during the day to feed on you. If you sleep in another room, bed bugs will follow you. These creatures are persistent and will stop at nothing for a meal.

Bed Bug infestations can stink… as in SMELL. Once bedbugs feed on you and become present for an extended period of time, they will emit a pungent odor from the oil present in their saliva. Not only will they bite you, but to add insult to injury they can quickly stink up a whole room!

The red spots appearing on your sheets are blotches of your own blood! The little black things you see on your sheet covers are either bed bug fecal matter, or dead bed bugs!

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