Bed Bug Recognition

Bed Bugs are heat sensitive, wingless blood-feasting bugs that are found everywhere, including the United States. Initially they start life like a small but visible egg, about the dimension of a poppy seed. From there they feed on blood and kill bed bugs become juvenile or “nymph” stage bugs. As they develop into adults, brown or red (fed) bed bugs (Here you can get data about what is bed bug) get about the dimensions of an apple seed. Bed bugs can live up to 20 months and might go without a blood meal for 1 ½ years. The female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs in her life cycle, which hatch in about 10 days, given the best temperatures.

It is believed that bed bugs don’t transmit disease. However, they can cause an allergic skin response and bacterial infection from scratching.

If found on time, bed bugs can be effectively managed.

Bites are normally the first warning sign of a bed bug problem, but not all bug bites are bedbugs. Here you can get data about what is bed bug. Since 1998, Amherst School has had only one bed bug incident, which was confined to a single room. That isolated incident occurred, like most bed bug problems, because they were shifted to one site from another in personal belongings such as back packs, bedding, clothing and suitcases.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites, unlike bites which you might get from a gnat, mosquito, no-see-um or similar pest generally present with a number of attacks, normally in a directly row on the arms, legs, neck or torso. Bed bugs tend to gather together in hidden, undisturbed places where a person sits or sleeps.

* Bed bugs are typically found on the bed, along the seams and sides of the bed mattress and box springs, on the headboard, and the bed frame.

* When assessing a bed or furniture for the possibility of bed bugs, we find for clusters of live bugs, shedding skins, dark colored fecal spots and the eggs. We look for blood spotting on the bed linens, where the bed bugs bite the host * Bed bugs are also known to cover in cracks, such as in baseboards along the floor at the wall.

* Bed bugs are as well known to conceal in cracks, for example in baseboards along the floor on the wall.

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