Bed Bugs In New York

Bed Bugs in New York, the Most Populous City in the United States The hated bed bug has become quite a problem in New York. From hotels to residential homes, kill bed bugs have become quite an epidemic. It seems New Yorkers are quite plentiful and have very tasty blood because that is exactly what these nasty creatures feed on.

While you sleep peacefully, bed bugs bite into your skin and suck your blood. A fully-fed bed bug even looks different than a non-fedbed bug because of the amount of blood that is absorbed in a single feeding. These blood suckers are known to take in seven times their own body weight and can feed up to seven minutes at a time. This means a bed bug that has just gorged itself will be quite plump. It will then take its fat, happy self back to its hiding place and if female that is pregnant may lay eggs. Bed bugs multiply like crazy and can be quite difficult to eliminate. Once bitten by a bed bug, a person will sometimes have one or more red marks for several days or more. Bed bugs will feed anywhere on the body that allows them to access blood.

The bed bug problem in New York hotels stems from travelers unknowingly carrying bed bugs in suitcases and other travel bags and releasing them from one hotel to the next. Bed bugs are extremely tiny and agile so they are not easily seen with the naked eye in their early stages. The spread of them into homes comes from residents bringing in second hand beds, couches or other furniture or visiting a hotel where these creatures already live. Torn fabrics are the ideal spot for bed bugs to lay their eggs.

So how do you get rid of these pests once they have taken over? It depends on the severity of the problem. Vacuuming can do it in mild cases where there are only a few bed bugs. Pesticides may be an option but will not solve the issue as there is no chemical being manufactured that effectively kills the egg stage of the bed bug. Steam treatments are proven to be the best option in conjunction with a chemical application.

There are also professionals that can take care of this problem for you. Also note, it is best to use a professional bed bug dog detection and control service who can detect the problem areas, how severe they are and treat the problems once and for all. The use of professional K-9 detection teams works best in identifying the problem areas immediately, saving both time and money. For a trusted bed bug detection and control service provider in the New York area, please visit Bed Bug New York.

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