What Is A Bed Bug?

Most people have been told of bed bugs, perhaps are not exactly clear what they’re or simply how serious a problem they can be. Here you’ll find data about what is bed bug, their background, how they feed, what deceases they can cause, how to kill bed bugs, bed bug treatment, cure and remedies with set of pictures and videos within our site as well as supply you a full list of resources on the web.

Bed bugsBed bugs or bedbugs are small parasitic insects only feed and depend on animal blood.

Bed bug
Some type of bed bugs adjusted and residing as well as human and others species feed and living with warm-blooded wild hosts like bats, dogs, cats, birds and rodents.The scientific common term for bed bugs is Cimicidae. The most typical species of bed bug to the human is Cimex lectularius. The story of bed bugs residing with human was created in medieval European writings and in classical Greek writing back in Aristotle time. Bed bugs generally attack people in the nighttime when they sleep. They feed by piercing the skin using an elongated beak through of which they withdraw blood.Even engorgement takes about 3 to 10 minutes, the person not often knows of the bite. They quickly crawl off and find a hiding place soon after they feed. And they will wait hidden till digest their food. A bed bug bite is painless. It’s their saliva that induce irritation, swelling and redness. Bed bugs never reside within human body as lice. They can stay in virtually any crevice or safe area. They commonly conceal within pillow cover, tufts, seams and crevices on the mattress, box spring, bed-frame and bed head board. Bed Bugs bites or cimicosis may cause numerous health effects including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Proper treatment and precautions should take to eliminate get rid of this dangerous species.

Ancient Believes Some ancient civilization believed that the bedbugs had therapeutic value that can cure sickness. In ancient Egypt, pills were composed of the bedbug blood-suckers and given to the sick to drink. And also ancient Greeks and Romans utilize the burned bedbugs to get rid of leeches from their bodies.

Facts about bed bugs Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites staying with worm blooded animals including man, bats, chickens, cat, dogs, birds A bedbug attack is painless. It’s basically its saliva cause itchiness, swelling and redness. They are noises sensitive and mainly feed at bedtime or at a time when clame or situation is night. They nearly can cover in any where or crawl and disappear into anything that is available during a short while span. Their popular hiding locations can be bedclothes, pillow cover, mattresses, bed comes and bed-frames, soft furnishing, cracks and crevices and under wallpaper. Female lay eggs. The eggs are white in color, sticky and are laid in cracks or crevices. Its life time is vastly depend on environmental situation such as temperature, food availability, darkness and hideouts.

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