Many Ways To Kill House Centipedes

The house centipede is a type of centipede species in the family of Scrutigera Coleopatra is a yellowish-grey insect with 15 pairs of legs. They originated from the Mediterranean region though they have spread throughout the world. They commonly live in people’s homes. They are known by different names such as silverfish in parts of America and Mustache Bug In other cultures. It has long delicate stripped legs, rigid body and runs across the walls and along the ceilings. Kill house centipedes feed on spiders, bedbugs,termites, cockroaches, and silverfish ants. They love cool and damp since they hide away from cold and dehydration conditions.

House centipedes are found in most parts of the house. When they bite you they can cause redness and swelling of the bitten part. When you want kill house centipedes there are ways that can guide you through. These include keeping the places they live in, removing the populations of the insects, covering all cracks where they can hide in such as on the walls and using the services of an exterminator.

Removing other small insects from the building will leave them with nothing to feed on. They will move out of the building in search of place whether they can find what to feed on. The ones that are left will die of hunger eventually. Keeping the house dry will help to kill house centipedes since they usually dry out and die if they live outside a moist environment. Ensure damp hidden places like closets and basements are kept dry and warm. They will die from lack of moist surrounding. You can use humidifiers for damp places in the house to dry the rooms and parts of the house where they breed and live in.

The other alternative is using sticky trap that can be placed where the centipedes go to hunt. Once they are trapped then they will die due to lack of food. This type of trap captures other insects in the house. It helps you in knowing the other insects that you can trap to deny the centipedes food so that you can kill house centipedes completely.

You can also consider closing all the openings where the house centipedes enter through into the house. You can use window screen to cover these openings. The places that you should concentrate on are cracks on the walls, basements and ways to hidden parts of the house. This will help lock them out and in the process kill house centipedes due to lack of food and cool environment.

You can use chemicals such as insecticides to kill house centipedes. One of the commonly used insecticides is Drione which is a powder form. You can spread out these insecticides in places where they like hiding. Some of the places where you can use the insecticides are wall cracks, dark corners in the house, basement, and under furniture among others. You can use a residual spray insecticide such as Talstar or Demon WP to spray the yard, and garden. This will keep them away since the insecticide sprays kill house centipedes when they get into contact with it.

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